About Y. V. Dixit


  • Born and brought up in Western Maharashtra
  • Had to start working right after schooling to support his family and make a living
  • Being a firm believer of education, continued studies along with working, and completed his higher education
  • Worked with a few national & multi-national companies, ascended the corporate ladder
  • Began his own start-up venture
  • A family man to the core and a strong people’s person
  • Has been patriotic, socially very active and have contributed to different social causes
  • Contesting the upcoming Indian presidential elections in July 2017


  • Science Graduate
  • Post Graduate in Business Administration


  • Started his entrepreneurial venture in market research

Social Outlook

  • Believes in social equality and justice
  • Worked towards helping people in trouble by ensuring they got the required support and aid
  • Exposed scams, frauds and unethical practices and pursued the legal course of action for corrective measures
  • Always vouched for women safety and women empowerment and have fought a battle against a reputed MNC to ensure a safe working environment and zero tolerance to sexual harassment at his venture
  • Worked to create a micro-finance ecosystem for small-scale and unorganized entrepreneurs

Values and Beliefs

  • Motherland at the core of every thought and act
  • Sensitive towards people and their diverse value systems and cultures
  • Unwavering will to make hard and bold decisions for India’s betterment
  • Strong advocate of the digital era and a proponent for the usage of technology and social media in driving change
  • A continuous learner