Common citizens can change India

Things are different today than what they were yesterday and they will be even more different tomorrow. There are newer emerging technologies, newer political parties and new global equations which have melted and emerged. All of us are part of this mega change and play a key role in influencing change. There are five major forces that are influencing and shaping up the social, economic and political situation in India today.

1. The common citizen has transformed from a passive citizen to a vigilant and responsible Indian
The citizens today are aware and well-informed. They have formed their political opinions, and have become very decisive. They are no more passive and indifferent like until a few years ago.

2. The old notion of “Nothing will change” is disrupted to seek positive reforms
Before Indian citizens experienced a complete change in the political landscape, we had this notion that all politicians were more or less the same. They would make big promises but once they came into power and secured lucrative positions, they only safeguarded their own interests.

This has changed in a major manner. Every party is on its toe and this has compelled the politicians and the overall ecosystem to become more transparent.

3. There is no dearth of information today and the speed at which scams are unearthed is also alarming
The media, especially with the staggering growth of the internet and emergence of social media has changed the game. No political party can make tall claims and contradict its behavior, without getting exposed. We have seen Facebook and WhatsApp videos go viral which, in its own way, have compelled the political parties and even the Government, in some cases to take heed and take accountability for wrong deeds. All this has brought in a little more responsible governance and creates a possibility of clean and accountable government in the future.

4. The speed of change has accelerated today
What does it take to effect change in a nation like India? It takes decades for effective change to take shape in a country as vast and complex as ours. However, this is not the same any more. We have seen governments forming and toppling, chief ministers in the making and swift decisions being taken– all in a matter of weeks or even days now. India is awakening and is becoming a more agile nation, and we are witness to an ever increasing and ever accelerating speed of change.

5. The new world and the new normal is different, difficult and yet so promising. And this is true for India too.
What will be the world like, tomorrow? With countries changing their stand on globalization, exiting from consortiums and forming new coalitions, we see that many equations are changing and re-balancing. We have been left awestruck with these happenings at a macro as well as at a micro level, and this scenario is likely to continue.

So what brings the future, we can but imagine. The new world, however difficult, is going to be quite distinguished and definitely very promising. And India will be no different. We will experience economic and social reforms, global expansions of our businesses and a consistent change in our international relations. Common citizens are going to play a vital role in shaping India’s future – and that holds a promise.

So what can you and I, the common citizens of India do? We can’t be mere spectators and view this transformation. We have to lead from the front.

I propose 3 commandments for all of us:

Be bold and act

If you think something needs a change, stand up and ensure that the change happens. You will be surprised with the kind of support you may garner. I have taken the first step by being a candidate in the upcoming Indian Presidential elections, and I am sure you will listen to your calling too.

Support any good cause

If you see someone doing something good without having a vested interest, be the first one to support and participate.

Spread positive vibes

I am sure you know the saying about the glass being half full or half empty. Always believe in the former perspective and believe that positive things are happening around you and help spread this spiral of positivity.