My Vision - India 2022

• I see my India to be a peaceful, vibrant and a happy place to live for its citizens.
• I see a country that is fair, equal and sensitive.
• I see a nation that is sovereign and strong, with cordial relations with other countries in the world.
• I see it as a land of numerous opportunities.

Can we collaborate and make it really happen? I believe we can.

Will it be easy? Not at all.

Is it impossible? I am convinced that it’s possible.

Below are the reforms, if implemented at various levels can help us reach the desired goal.

Values and Culture

I believe that each country has a character. It is defined by the culture and values that the nation follows. India is blessed with deep cultural history, and an ancient value systemthat dates back to the Vedas. Let’s go back to our roots, and embrace that rich culture, that the world is now looking up to. We can make our nation the greatest, if we could strike the right balance between the age-old traditions and the contemporary trends.

Political Will that leads to Reforms

When we think of someone embarking on a political career, the obvious tendency is to question his motive. It’s a general perception that one gets into politics with selfish, ulterior motives. Let’s change that perception, and pursue a political career like any other profession that’s built on the pillars of hard work, performance, qualifications and continual improvement. Only when that happens, will many people get into politics with the right intent and the correct expectations.


And no, I don’t just mean the number of colleges. Every child has a fundamental right to education and educating children will ensure reap long benefits. Imagine, if each child is not denied the right to education, we will be able to eliminate several issues like population, poverty, racism and terrorism, to name a few. So we must invest in the education of the children of India as that is where the future of our country lies.

Economic Balance

My idea about India being a developed nation, is not about blindly following the western economic model of development. We have witnessed how economies founded on loans and extravagant spending have collapsed. I firmly believe that an economy that strikes the balance between abundance and conservatism will remain a robust and long lasting economy.

Legal Framework & Systems

We haven’t done a great job in implementing the laws and systems. The Indian legal framework is perceived as a fairly lenient one, where justice is often delayed and even denied. This perception needs to be changed. Very clear and unambiguous laws, and stringent adherence without political interference will make our legal framework strong. We must strive to achieve that.