My Vision - India 2022

I, Yadnyadatta Dixit seek your support to represent you, to be the First Citizen, the President of our motherland, Bharat. I seek your support and invite you to collaborate in transforming India.

Idea of Gen-next First Citizen

  • Vision to bring reformation towards a new age and assertive India
  • Young and dynamic; will not refrain from making hard and bold decisions for India's betterment
  • Focus on making India a global technology leader
  • Non-partisan
  • A sensitive human being

My vision and resolve for reformative India include

  • Electoral reforms: Fair, transparent and well-informed elections
  • International relations : Equal standing for India across the globe
  • Make India land of opportunities: Ecosystem that encourages and enables the Indian youthto be more enterprising
  • Accountable and sensitive governance: Bringing in professionalism and transparency in governance